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Why work with us?

Why work at Reach Akademi?

Reach Akademi has an amazing, diverse, and creative work environment. This is a forward-thinking company that creates a friendly environment for its employees. At Reach Akademi, we promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Working with Reach Akademi is a great opportunity you shouldn’t miss. 

"Reasons you should work with us"


International Work Environment & diversity

Reach Akademi has an international work environment where we have a team of different backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines. Each employee has grown to understand among other things, the value of cultural sensitivity and respect of others’ perspectives. This also helps our employees to get more educated about other cultures and values. We have a team from about 10 countries, all of whom have their unique languages.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours at GPC means employees can begin their work earlier or later than the standard 9 am to 5 pm. GPC values its employees and affords them the opportunity to manage their time as suitable. This is aimed at reducing work stress and ensuring work satisfaction in the company.

Flexible work hour
Independent Working

Independent working, learning and growth opportunity

We provide an environment that is favourable for interpersonal growth, and we encourage the team to develop new skills to grow within the organization and not stay at the same level throughout their entire career. So far, this has helped employees build confidence and motivation in their respective work projects. Reach Akademi indeed provides the adequate platform needed for learning and growing.

Working in global leading company

Reach Akademiis a global leading company in the regulatory field and the employees are proud to be part of an organization that contributes to the safety and protection of the environment. Compliance with regulatory laws is a foundational step towards the environmental sustainability, being part of a company that is at the forefront of it is something to be proud of.

Global leading company

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