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Classification Labelling (C&L) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Classification Labelling (C&L) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Companies are required to provide classifications, labeling, and Safety Data Sheets in accordance with UN Globally Harmonized Systems of Classification and Labelling, or relevant adaptations as may be applicable in different countries, e.g. CLP in case of EU.
It is essential to provide this information in accordance with UN GHS and local language to the downstream user. Therefore, Reach Akademi offers a variety of such services in different countries, and for different needs.

Reach Akademi provides C&L and SDS services for over 30 countries:
• CLP Notification of substances
• CLP Notification of the Mixtures
• Poison Center Notification
• Safety Data Sheet for Substance (local language)
• Safety Data Sheet for Mixtures (local language)
• Extended Safety Data Sheet (local language)

Member/Individual Dossier
Develop Full Technical Dossier
Chemical Safety Assessment

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