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Management and Representation

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Management and Representation

When companies focus on exporting their business, or expanding their exporting business, to regions where meeting compliance requirements are key bottlenecks, it becomes important to navigate through the compliance field in efficient ways. Reach Akademi Management and Representation services’ core purpose is to help companies navigate through different regulatory requirements present in different countries and regions.

Attaining our services would also enable exporters to minimize their risk and dependency on local buyers for future business purposes. Reach Akademi Management and Representation services cover countriesand regions across the globe, and help companies comply with regulatory requirements in the sectors of: chemicals, cosmetics, food-additives, agrochemicals, and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our Management and Representation services include:
• Only Representative (OR)
• Nominated Representative (NR)
• Authorized Representative (AR)
• Third-Party Representative (TPR)
• Responsible Person
• Compliance Representative (consultant)

Substance specific regulatory assessment
Classification Labelling & SDS
Registration Process Management

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