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Preliminary Compliance Submissions

Regulatory Specialist Intern

Preliminary Compliance Submissions

By assigning Reach Akademi as a regulatory and compliance representative, companies can continue their business as usual, locally and invarious export destinations, regardless of new regulations being introduced. Companies can process preliminary compliance requirements that provides businesses advantages of the transition phase, which may be outlined within respective regulations. During the transition phase, businesses can continue and expand their activities in a country. This also facilitates companies to be actively engaged at an early stage with key compliance processes such as substance identification, registration, classification, cost, etc.

Our Preliminary Compliance processes include:
• Notification to Inventory
• (Late) Preregistration
• (Late) Notification
• Stage one Registration
• Pre-Substance Information Exchange Forum (Pre-SIEF)
• New substance notification
• Phase I registration

Substance specific regulatory assessment
Classification Labelling & SDS
Registration Process Management

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